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Here is how to start identifying the signs

Some common signs that may suggest your parent could benefit from assisted living can include:

  • Needing reminders to take medication.
  • Noticeable weight loss or gain
  • Loss of mobility or increase in falls.
  • Signs of neglecting household maintenance
  • No longer able to perform daily tasks, such as grooming or preparing meals.
  • Increased isolation
  • Loss of interest in hobbies

Many elder care communities offer specialized neighborhoods for residents with dementia. Signs that your parent might need memory care include:

  • Exhibiting aggressive behaviors
  • Becoming disoriented or getting lost
  • Repeating stories or questions
  • Problems speaking or struggling to find the right words.
  • Difficulty planning, concentrating or organizing.
  • An Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis or cognitive decline that requires 24-hour supervision.